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Прогнозы на тотализатор

Bets on all events of parimutuel betting are accepted for the regular playing time unless otherwise specified. Bets are accepted up until the earliest match starts but does not include void matches.

Прогнозы в Тотализаторе

Start of the issue is the actual beginning of the match, which was the first to start in the issue; at this the matches, acknowledged to be void, are not taken into account. The date and time of the event starting, given in the Sports, are of informative character.

An incorrect event time is not a basis for bet canceling. If any event from the Match List is considered to be cancelled, all the outcomes for such event are considered as won. The distribution of a jackpot in case the events are incomplete: If 5 or more events are considered to be cancelled, this Match List is considered cancelled and all bets are refunded.

If 3 париматч с телефона from the Match List are considered cancelled, the category of "9 correct outcomes" is not paid. If 4 events from the Match List are considered cancelled, the categories from 9 and 10 correct outcomes are not paid.

How to place TOTO bet. If you intend to make several bets you can select them in one ticket and mark 2 or 3 outcomes at the same time in one or several matches of 15 events; thereby the total number of bets and the minimal stake regarding this bet slip is correspondingly doubled, trebled and so on.

Total stake within a bet slip is distributed evenly to the best in this ticket.

If one ticket contains several bets, then winning bets are calculated rateably the stake which is the share of each bet. Bets are accepted until the first match of totalizator starts. Any bets placed after the first match in toto has started, will be cancelled.

Batch bet. This function allows you to place several random bets on TOTO. To do this you should specify the amount per one bet slip and press button "To place batch bet".

It will be made as партнеры winline bets as you have indicated, automatically.

Jackpot payout. Disputable cases. Batch betting closes 10 minutes prior to draw ended. How to place batch bet To properly place a batch bet, all the bet slips should be made in the required format: Each bet slip should start on a new line. It should be presented in the following way: В нынешнем сезоне команды встречались между собой три раза на этапах Евротура Ставки на Словакия — Дания. Предлагаем вашему вниманию прогноз на Чемпионат Мира по хоккею.

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